Tory candidate's Alan Partridge-style campaign video goes viral

Greg Knight has been the MP for East Yorkshire since 2001
Greg Knight has been the MP for East Yorkshire since 2001

The East Riding's Tory candidate's campaign video has gone viral for its uncanny likeness to Alan Partridge.

Greg Knight is filmed wearing a turquoise tie, white chinos and an over-sized dark blazer with many commenting that he could be a double for Steve Coogan's character.

He strides into his office and tells the camera why they should vote for him.

"Hello, my name is Greg Knight," he says. "I am the Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire. There is a General Election on June 8th, and I hope that if you live in East Yorkshire that you will vote for me."

Twitter has been filled with comments after the video went viral yesterday just days from the general election on Thursday June 8.

One user tweeted: "Greg Knight MP has been watching too much Alan Partridge. I'm legit crying of laughter."

While another posted: "Alan Partridge has successfully assumed the form of Greg Knight, Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire."

The best is saved to last, the video ends with an 80s-style pop song specifically written for his campaign featuring the lyrics: “You’ll get accountability with Conservative delivery. Make sure this time you get it right, vote for Greg Knight.”

TV show 'I'm Alan Partridge' peaked in the 90s and is a parody of British TV personalities.