View from the Zoo: Both rhino species are on endangered list

At Flamingo Land we are very lucky to have both black rhinoceros as well as white rhinoceros and this week we will be letting you know the differences between the two species.


Country Diary: Ornithologists on lookout for handsome bird

Guess what? Whilst driving through Brompton village past the church, a small party of ornithologists were seen gazing intently at trees in the churchyard. What had caught their attention? Hawfinches! These handsome, rare birds are seldom seen high in tree tops, but this year has produced some large flocks in Yorkshire. The massive bill and rather short tail give the hawfinch a most distinctive silhouette.

Otters at Flamingo Land enjoy tucking into the otter cake.

View from the Zoo: Otter cake on the menu for birthday treat

The staff at Flamingo Land are celebrating the first birthday of our two youngest otters.


Dining Out: Holy Moly’s Deep South Kitchen, A64 at Flaxton

When you walk in a restaurant and sitting in front of you are four blokes wearing chicken hats, you know what you’re in for.

Gunters antlers are beginning to grow back.

View from the Zoo: Antlers are the fastest growing tissue in the world

Back in November the staff at Flamingo Land welcomed two lovely reindeer, a female called Esker and Gunter her brother to entertain visitors for the festive season.

A male stonechat flies in to settle on a gorse bush.

Country Diary: Rare visitor is spotted at Throxenby Mere

Surprise, Surprise! With exceptionally cold, and icy conditions, we drove around our local lakes and meres, and to our delight observed a bird swimming alone – quite a distance from ducks such as mallard and tufted at Throxenby Mere.

Humboldt penguins in their enclosure at Flamingo Land.

View from the Zoo: Importance of special zoo awareness days

Awareness days are particularly important to the staff at Flamingo Land and we have just celebrated Penguin Awarness Day which took place at the zoo on Saturday January 20.

Greater-spotted woodpecker

Country Diary: Handsome bird loves the fat balls

One of the joys of country walking in winter when the sky is grey as pewter, and a thick drizzly fog clings to your clothes with a biting chill that penetrates your bones, is the pleasure of home-coming! That longed-for cup of tea that sends a warming surge of life through your numbed extremities, and that easy pair of slippers make life worth living once more.

Nunburnholme Wold looking across Great Dug Dale.

Walks: Wander the valleys around Warter village

The village of Warter provides excellent walks of varying lengths. This walk may be either two miles or four miles. It’s quite a gentle walk along the roads and valleys around Warter.

Hard winters can be murderous for little wrens.

Country Diary: A bit of grated cheese can save wrens’ lives

Having recently filled a couple of containers with peanuts and fat balls at Seamer Road mere site, we wondered how they were faring. Would local birds have discovered their extra food supply? We’re pleased to say they had, and the chief visitors were a variety of tits and a chaffinch. Good news will spread!

COLUMNIST: Preparing for a big leap for my little boy

COLUMNIST: Preparing for a big leap for my little boy

Well this year started much like the last one; I went through every emotion on New Year’s Eve - happy tears fell as I reflected on the lovely things that had happened in 2017, then I sobbed about some not so happy moments.

Vendela and Guiness in their enclosure at Flamingo Land.

View from the Zoo: Zebras co-habit very well with other animals

The next time you pay a visit to Flamingo Land make sure you pop along to see our pair of zebras.


Country Diary: Enjoy the outdoors and forget those winter blues

Spring is in the air! It may be only January and in the bleak mid-winter, but nature moves on.

Is this the dullest week of the year?

Opinion: Is there a duller week in the year than this one?

The Christmas and New Year break is fast becoming a distant memory, with the only reminder being the nearly empty box of Celebrations – if your house is anything like ours, there will be half a dozen tiny Bounty bars rattling around the bottom.

The Moors Inn, Appleton-le-Moors.

Dining Out: The Moors Inn, Appleton-le-Moors

The Moors Inn,

Ye Olde Bell Spa vitality pool

Ye Olde Bell chimes in a new era with sparkling spa

WHEN you go to a Spa you want to be enveloped by warmth, calmness, luxury and peace. This is “me time” writ large and it’s a treat in which you should be able to lose yourself in the moment, shutting out the outside world and all its cares for a few blissful few hours.
Robins will display their red breasts vigorously to any intruders.

Country Diary: Friendly bird who is highly territorial

“The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow,

Humboldt penguins at Flamingo Land.

View from the Zoo: Penguins enjoy the festive weather

One of the more festive animals to see at the zoo is of course our penguins. Here at Flamingo Land we have a colony of 22 Humboldt penguins.

Edmund, the western black rat snake.

View from the Zoo: Edmund is on move to new surroundings

One of our snakes previously housed in the education centre has moved over to the reptile river to be put on display.

A turnstone ready to feast on a bed of mussels.

Country Diary: Bird often found on rocky coasts and mussel beds

.... “Mist is steeping

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