Video: Humber region at forefront of UK renewable energy industry

A new animated video produced by two Hull-based companies Mapa PR and Adtwist Designs is helping to put the Humber at the forefront of the renewables industry.

The video was commissioned by Ciralight UK to highlight its new unique, energy saving, Carbon Footprint reducing, cost-effective Active Skylights.

mapa logo

mapa logo

The video shows how the Ciralight UK active skylights work by capturing available light and driving the light down into the building for up to ten hours a day, reducing energy consumption, improving people performance and providing environmental gains.

The active skylight is housed in a rooftop plastic dome and uses a GPS controller and a microprocessor that tracks and calculates the position of the sun. Light is reflected from a mirror array downwards through the roof via a highly reflective light well.

Ciralight UK is the sole UK distributor of the US developed Active Skylight that is, quite literally, brand new to the UK.

They have already been successfully launched into northern continental Europe, including Belgium and the Netherlands, and are widely used across the US in commercial buildings, such as offices, factories, retail stores, and public facilities, including schools.