Comedian Bobby Ball is guest evangelist at gospel music event

Bobby Ball
Bobby Ball

Comedian and evangelist Bobby Ball will be a guest at the Gospel Music Convention at Whitby Pavilion this weekend.

Set up by Paul Wheater and his late wife Jill, the event will be held from Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19.

Paul said: We endeavour to provide a mixture of gospel music styles and to include some of the artistes who have already appeared at the event and who were particularly popular with the audiences, plus new faces each year to keep the programme fresh and varied’.

Choir of Voices of Faroe will also perform.

Some of the singers provided backing vocals on one of Paul Wheater’s Gospel albums, and Paul and his daughter Sarah will be testing their language skills by joining with `The choir` to sing a few verses in Faroese.

Bobby Ball has enjoyed a successful career in the world of entertainment and with his friend Tommy Cannon worked his way up through the clubs and theatres.

During the 1980s their TV show attracted millions of viewers, running until 1991.

"During his presentations at Christian events, sometimes on his own and also as “Cannon and Ball” Bobby uses his talent to work for the Lord. He has a great testimony and is a truly wonderful evangelist," said Paul.

The evening concerts will be preceded by a nightly sing along led by Samuel Purdy and the convention's house-band.

Tickets can be purchased for individual events, all day or for the full weekend ranging in price from £6 to £49.

Box office: 01947 458899 or by visiting