Truly Umythable production

Scene from Unmythable
Scene from Unmythable

Are you ready to be a legend? Temple Theatre brings its award-winning show Unmythable to four East Riding venues.

It’s one show, three actors and all the Greek myths. Heroes, monsters and randy gods go head-to-head in a hilarious and unforgettable journey through the greatest stories ever told.

“Unmythable does for Greek myths what the Reduced Shakespeare Company did for the Bard,” said a spokesman for ArtERY Live which is presenting the production.,

Jason invites you aboard his ship to meet Beta and Gamma as they set sail to try to win the Golden Fleece. They are going to need your help along the way if they are to overcome the man-eating fiery dragon that never sleeps.

Or if Jason is going to overcome his commitment phobia and marry the ever-helpful, but quite frankly rather terrifying, Medea. The Labours of Hercules are delivered like a summer Hollywood blockbuster, there are musical Sondheim spoofs and bluesy numbers and, in one of the best parts of the show, the audience watches pony clubber Persephone’s descent into the underworld.

Unmythable is at: Longcroft School, Beverley on Wednesday 26 March at 7.30pm. (01482 391672 or 870751): Bishop Burton Village Hall on Friday 28 March at 8pm (01964 551543). North Dalton Village Hall on Saturday 29 March at 8pm (01964 551543).