Inspired adaptation a must see family show

Wind in the Willows
Wind in the Willows

Before the show started, there was the opportunity to experience all along the riverbank, on, and under the York Theatre Royal stage.

You could peep into Mole’s cosy home, and imagine warming yourself by Badger’s fireplace, snug and safe underground. All credit to Catherine Chapman and Lydia Denno for their fabulous designs.

As we were taking our seats, the auditorium was running amok with “animals”, exchanging cheery banter with audience members. It’s not every day this reviewer has her hand kissed by a cheeky Chief ( Michael Lambourne)spouting weaselly compliments! Flattery will get you everywhere so I’ve been “ toad ” – sorry, Martin Barrass, playing Toad started all the bad puns by slipping into panto mode throughout the show – and what fun it was too – oh yes it was! You can’t help but smile when Martin’s on stage- his enthusiasm and energy is infectious!

Music played a large part in this production, composed and directed by Christopher Madin, with the cast showing off their versatility as musicians as well as actors.

Directed by Damian Cruden, and written by one of the UK’s most successful playwrights,Mike Kenny, this was an inspired adaptation; look out for the imaginative set design which holds one or two surprises. This is a must-see family summer show.

REVIEW by Julia Pattison