Sea shanties and Cornish folk songs

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EVENT: Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends

VENUE: York Barbican

DATE: Thursday at 7.30pm

English folk music has enjoyed a renaissance in the last decade, especially in the West Country. Now, after their success at the 2011 BBC Radio 2 Folk Award, these Shanty men of Port Isaac are out on the road to delight and enthrall audiences with their voices in an incredibly rousing and joyful set of shanties and Cornish folk songs.

The authentic sound of the shanty can be heard loud and clear via the mighty, brawny chorale of The Fisherman’s Friends. Between them, they are five baritones, two top tenors, two second tenors, and one bass, producing a solid wall of sound.

The Fisherman’s Friends from Port Isaac have delighted visitors and locals there for more than 15 years, with almost 300 live performances under their belts, a major album release and now these selective live dates, including their York Barbican debut.