Romance at 38,000 feet: Tales from a flight attendant

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Romance at 38,000 feet: Tales from a flight attendant

Author’s experience in the Italian airline industry inspires story of the search for love

Taking place against the ancient backdrop of the beautiful Italian countryside, this modern tale of love describes the entertaining lifestyle of a flight attendant.

C. A. Kingsley uses her own experiences as in the airline industry as the basis for her new book, “The Road Back to Tuscany.”

Set in the rolling hills of the Chianti wine region of Tuscany, Catherine enjoys working in the tourism industry and the Florentine lifestyle to the fullest. Her story takes you to Lake Maggiore where she starts her career, flying amongst the clouds for an Italian airline.

Soon she is faced with the choice of her burning desire for love and excitement or the abandonment of her wonderful life, home and friends. She experiences a breathless kind of love, but soon she discovers a truth that rocks her world and takes her back to Tuscany.

“This story encompasses many emotions, from heartbreak and despair to humor and joy,” said Catherine. “Women will connect with the trials and tribulations of dating in this book.”

Catherine’s emotional rollercoaster ride and the Italian culture described in the book will delight and entertain readers looking for an escape.

“The Road Back to Tuscany”

By C.A. Kingsley

Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4907-1246-8

Cost: $13.99

Available at Trafford Publishing, and