Rocking and rolling

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EVENT: Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise

VENUE: Hull New Theatre

DATE: Saturday at 7.30pm

Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise is a brilliant rock ‘n’ roll show where the music plays the leading role. 

The incredibly talented cast bring to life the spirit of the rock ‘n’ roll era, reminding you at every turn why this music has stood the test of time. Just try not tapping your foot as Jerry Lee rips into Great Balls of Fire with a passion.

Feel the shivers in your spine as Roy Orbison soars gracefully through his classic songs. Watch with delight as Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly explode on to the stage like the first guitar-heroes; with slick moves and engaging energy they power through those wonderfully bright optimistic songs of theirs.

The second half opens with a concert within a concert as we’re taken through the years of Elvis’ later tours, complete with Vegas jump-suits, belts and rings. We are reminded of, not only how incredible a performer and singer Elvis Presley was, but also how gracious he was; never taking himself too seriously, and always appreciative.

And then, from out of nowhere, we are back with Buddy, Eddie, The Big O and the others, the energy building to fever pitch, leaving the audience demanding more.

Backed by the superb Paradise Band, this show has audiences dancing in the aisles, singing along with the music, and yelling for more.

A feel-good two hour celebration of the magic of rock and roll with over 40 songs packed into the show, this is a not-to-be missed event.