New novel wins approval

ian dewar
ian dewar

A new novel from Middleton on the Wolds author Ian Dewar entitled ‘The Adventures of Cornelius Quinn - Alabama’ has received a positive endorsement from the great grandson of one of the American Civil War’s most famous sea captains, John Newlands Maffitt of the Confederate Navy.

Robert Maffitt from Wilmington, North Carolina, guest speaker at a recent Brunswick Civil War Round Table meeting, said of Mr Dewar’s book; ‘It’s not a book you can put down easily, a thrilling story that keeps you on your toes with every twist and turn and one I know John Newlands Maffitt would have approved.”

Ian lives in Middleton with his wife Madelaine and cat Paddy.

‘The Adventures of Cornelius Quinn’ is his second novel.

Ian is an American civil War historian and President of the 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc., a charitable foundation that records the naval histories of that conflict.