Social media is pressuring young Brits into spending over £400 for a “perfect life”

Young Brits are overspending to keep up with the trend
Young Brits are overspending to keep up with the trend

Three quarters of young Brits confess they have felt pressured by social media to spend more than they can afford.

A staggering 75% of people under 35 have overspent on luxuries like posh clothes and flash cars in a bid to keep up with celebs like Kim Kardashian, while 60% of young Brits have knowingly overspent on a product in order to keep up with a trend.

A poll, commissioned by the app-based banking alternative, found that when buying new products, younger respondents were more likely to say that Instagram is a major source of inspiration, 45% of 18-24 year-olds and 40% of 25-34 year-olds.

Two thirds of (65%) of the young people surveyed say that they feel pressures from social media to keep up an image if a ‘perfect lifestyle’. Men are more likely to admit feeling such pressure with 70% compared to 60% of women. Those under the age of 35 are more susceptible to such pressure; 81% of those aged between 18-24 and 80% of those aged between 25-34.

On average the respondents aged 18-45 spend a quarter (27%) of their monthly income on luxuries like clothes, shoes, make-up or trips to the salon. Younger respondents within this age range, and those on lower incomes, are more likely to spend a higher proportion of their incomes: those aged between 18 and 34 spend a third (33%), compares to 20% of those aged between 35-45).

This translates to an average monthly of monthly spend of £290 on luxuries amongst 18-45 year olds, 25-34 year-olds are the biggest spenders with a whopping £400 a month, that’s compared to £280 amongst 18-24 year olds, and £190 amongst those aged between 35-45). Male respondents came in as the big spenders with £400 a month compared to just £180 amongst the women. Respondents in London were the highest spenders with an average monthly spend of £500.

When preparing for a night out, a third (33%) of people surveyed said that they would usually buy a new item of clothing a fifth (22%) would buy an entire outfit! 37% of women were more likely to buy a new item compared to 29% of men. However, men were more likely to buy new shoes for a night out (23%) compared to women (15%).

In terms of grooming before a night out, 42% of men would get their hair done compared to 28% of women. 21% of men also said that they get a tan (spray on or sunbed) compared to 12% of women!

Almost a third (28%) of the men surveyed say that celebrities are one of their main sources of inspiration, compared to 16% of women.

When coming to taking selfies, a quarter of those surveyed admit to either tidying the room they are in first, and 20% have their hair or make-up done for the occasion. 21% of men have also visited somewhere that they have seen a celebrity visit so that they can recreate the image, versus 10 of women. A fifth of the young men also admit to posing for a photo in front of a car that isn’t theirs compared to 9% of women).

19% of respondents admit to having a taken photos in a changing room without purchasing the clothes; 23% of young men have done this compared to 15% of women.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of respondents say that they feel pressure from social media to spend more money on new clothes, a nice car etc.  Again, the male respondents are more likely to feel this pressure with 67% compared to 55% of females.

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