Evening offers chance to join Ravens Morris

The Ravens Morris team is hosting an open evening on Monday, May 13.
The Ravens Morris team is hosting an open evening on Monday, May 13.

Local dancers Ravens Morris, who have been called ‘the most original Morris side in England’, are holding an open evening to attract new members.

The Ravens will be hosting the event on Monday, May 13 from 7.30pm in the Burnby Hall Community Centre.

There are no bells and hankies – this dancing is something very different.

Ravens Morris wear the corsets, leather and goggles of steampunk fashion and have been performing all over the north since 2013.

As well as using original and traditional Border Morris dances with big sticks, Ravens Morris take inspiration from across the world.

Italian-style flag throwing sits next to Yorkshire Longsword dancing. There’s even a rope dance based on an ancient Greek myth.

Leader Allen Spode said: “We love pushing the boundaries of traditional dance.

“Bring on the giant steampunk cat for starters.”

Performed in traditional Lion Dance style to drums and gongs, this is not something you find in most Morris dances.

Miffy Lancaster, the musical director: “This season incorporates new songs, new musicians and a fresh, theatrical feel to our shows. With lots of drumming of course!”

A spokesman said: “There’s no obligation to join, everyone is welcome just to watch, have a cuppa and browse their displays of photos. Or join in with a dance, naturally!”

You can find the Ravens on Facebook, Twitter, the website Ravensmorris.com or email Ravensmorris@hotmail.com with any questions.