Book review: Double Fudge Brownie by Murder Joanne Fluke

Double Fudge Brownie by Murder Joanne Fluke
Double Fudge Brownie by Murder Joanne Fluke

Welcome back to Lake Eden… the small American town where crime is deadly but the cakes are scrumptious!

Fans of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen mysteries will need no introduction to the crime-busting Minnesota confectioner whose culinary skills are matched only by her super sleuthing.

The delicious Hannah can whip up the perfect chocolate fudge brownie as fast as she can track down a ruthless killer, and her eighteenth case is packed with the same winning blend of intrigue and tasty recipes, with a liberal sprinkling of romance.b

For her army of fans, each outing with Hannah, her mother, sisters and friends is like enjoying a family reunion, catching up with the latest gossip and sharing the challenges and surprises of a visit to Lake Eden.

Hannah’s café and bakery, The Cookie Jar, is ticking over nicely and making enough money for her to live comfortably. But she is thrilled to be heading to Las Vegas for her mother Dolores’ surprise wedding to the lovely Doc Knight.

What she doesn’t expect is a reunion with her old college flame and now successful film director Ross Barton, a man who still causes her heart to beat much faster than normal, particularly when he tells her that he will soon be heading to Lake Eden for a local TV interview.

But Hannah is getting nervous about her return home. She is to face trial for vehicular manslaughter after being involved in a tragic accident during a storm in which a man was killed.

She is eager to clear her name once and for all but when she is ordered to an interview with Judge Colfax before the start of the trial, Hannah hears a horrible thump while sitting in the anteroom and finds him bludgeoned to death with his own gavel.

Before long, Hannah finds herself the number one suspect and when she sets out in search of the real culprit, she discovers that the judge had made more than a few enemies during his career.

With time running out and Ross soon to arrive in Lake Eden, Hannah will have to turn to her cleverest recipe yet to find an elusive and dangerous killer...

Fluke serves up another tasty concoction of murder and mouth-watering food in a tale that see Hannah’s simmering and complicated love life finally burst into what may just be a final and passionate resolution.

And with over twenty of Hannah’s exciting recipes to try out for yourself, there could be no better time to head off to Lake Eden and see just what’s cooking in both the kitchen and the courtroom.

(Headline, paperback, £8.99)