Dylan art work makes a return

Acorn gallery
Acorn gallery

CULTURAL icon Bob Dylan is to have his latest art work on display in Pocklington from this weekend.

To mark his 70th birthday, the eight new limited-edition graphics feature previously unpublished imagery that will be unveiled at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington on Saturday.

Named the Drawn Blank Series 2011, they feature more images created whilst he was “on the road” between 1889 and 1992. Each print is personally signed by Dylan.

Although more famed for his ground-breaking folk music and thought-provoking lyrics, Dylan’s artwork has attracted serious interest in recent years.

It is the fourth time Acorn Gallery on Market Place has been hand picked by publishers Washington Green Fine Art to host his work, having been first chosen as one of 50 galleries in Britain to host his original Drawn Blank Series in June 2008.

The work has attracted a lot of art lovers over the years with hundreds flocking to Pocklington for a glimpse, and Acorn Gallery’s John and Diane Wass are expecting more of the same.

Diane explained: “It’s been a huge coup for us because it always attracts a lot of interest. You get people from all generations, those who have grown up with Dylan and followed him through his career and then there’s kids who have maybe only heard of him.

“On a good day we can get maybe 30 people through the door, but on what we call ‘Dylan Days’ we can get between 60 and 100.

“People come out of curiosity, it is here to be looked at and enjoyed.

“The fact that he has stood there and signed them himself is what can attract people.

“He is not known for signing stuff- that’s why it’s taken so long, he will only do it when he is ready.”

Dylan shot to fame in early 60s’ America with his critically-acclaimed songs about social unrest, war, peace and freedom.

To date he has released over 60 albums selling over 100 million copies.

However, in recent years his artwork, much of which has been produced when he was touring the world, has gained recognition.

Glyn Washington, managing director and co-founder of Washington Green Fine Art, believes the latest series marks a defining moment in the singer-songwriter’s visual art journey. “Dylan’s art is the product of an extraordinary, inventive imagination.

“The same mind, hand and eye that made the songs, has turned again in an astonishing new direction. How privileged are we, as Dylan reaches a pivotal ‘three score years and ten’, to be able to view, absorb and enjoy another creative outpouring from such a cultural icon.”

The cost of the latest signed prints on display at the Acorn Gallery fetch from £1,500 up to nearly £4,000, although John and Diane admit the price tags are not likely to deter enthusiasts from outside of Britain where they are unavailable to buy.

Although there are eight different prints on display, there will be multiple signed copies on sale.

The exhibition will be launched this Saturday morning when the shop opens at 9.30am.