Driffield musician Edwina Hayes kicks off 2014 programme at The Back Room, Cottingham

A music venue which hosted stunning shows by singer-songwriters from around the world during 2013 is planning more of the same this year.

And The Back Room in Cottingham, will kick things off on Monday 20 January with a showcase of four performances from closer to home.

Driffield-based singer-songwriter Edwina Hayes will headline the event and will be supported by teenage talent Lizzie Goddard from Gainsborough and Hull-based Emma Fee – known for her performances in her band Happy Endings – as venue owner Paul Sutton presents a mix of playing and performing styles.

Completing the line-up will be The Crash Blossoms, a lively three-piece acoustic band who are building a big following with their strong harmonies and a polished set combining own compositions and creative takes on some rarely-heard covers.

Paul said: “We had a fantastic time during 2013 with the return of such favourites as Jon Gomm, Otis Gibbs and Anna Coogan and we also welcomed Robin Nolan and Matt Andersen for the first time.

“We hope to see most of them back during 2014 and it’s a sign of the Back Room’s calibre as a serious music venue that we are able to attract such top performers, some of whom don’t play anywhere else in the north.

“Once again we will be looking to provide opportunities for performers from our region to support these big names, because it helps them to reach a discerning audience, it gives them good experience of working with established international performers – and they get paid.”

Emma Fee, who supported seventies star Benny Gallagher and Derrin Nauendorf’s trio at The Back Room during 2013 said: “I always have a great time playing there. The sound is always fantastic and from a musician’s point of view you can be more at ease on stage and get into the music more.

“The gig-goers at The Back Room are a lovely bunch too, a very attentive audience who are there for the music.  All round, a fantastic experience from a performer point of view and from a spectator point of view.”

Paul added: “It’s not often you get the opportunity to see four such impressive shows on one bill. All of the performers have played headline slots in their own right, they’ve got their own followings and we’re expecting a good crowd.

“It is a small venue so we would advise people to book in advance to avoid missing out.”


Edwina Hayes, The Crash Blossoms, Lizzie Goddard, Emma Fee. The Back Room, Hallgate, Cottingham, Monday 20 January. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets £10. Tel 01482 847007.

Edwina’s songs are available via itunes.

You can also buy her albums from her own website http://www.edwinahayes.com/