Summer league starts to hot up for Pocklington Runners

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What an amazing half marathon in North Lincolnshire at the weekend, as 1,300 competitors saw sunny skies and mild weather conditions that made for some amazing times for competitors.

This included Pocklington’s Numero Uno lady, Helen Cross….who broke the 80 minute mark for the first time over 13.1 miles and came in second overall in a gobsmacking time of 1:18:32.

Following Helen was Mike Pullon in 1:28:48, Steven Worth 1:29:12, Paul Coe 1:36:35, Drew Gill 1:42:02, Holly Davis 1:52:39, Lucy Hammond 2:09:57, Nadine Pennington 2:09:59 and Sharron Anderson in 2:21:01.

Husband and wife team Darren and Helen Reevell crossed the line together in a time of 2:32:57 and Gordon Mellor was close behind in 2:40:30.

In the same week, the York Road Race League got underway in great style with over 200 runners taking part in the first race of the 2014 series.

Taking place in Pocklington, the race was held over a tough and hilly course that took runners past Kilwick and through Millington.The home team made a great start to the season with Steven Worth storming in to finish first for Pock in a time of 37.31.

The weather was ideal for the evening race, with calm and mild conditions that suited most.

Second in for Pocklington was Stuart Smith in 37:43, followed by Kevin Norman 39:39, Andy Baker 41:20, Mike Pullon 41:39 and Patrick Hough 42:38.

First home for the ladies was Jess Fox, who flew home in a brilliant 43:32 followed by Darran Ball 44:04 then amazing second lady home Alison Thornton 44:12, Drew Gill 45:45, Simon Richardson 45:59, Simon Weedy 47:54, Paul Sheridan 49:43.

Brian Perkins managed 51:05, Holly Davis 51:09, Heidi Maxton 54:04, Lucy Hammond 58:24, Faye Jessop 59:42, Giles Brighton 1:02:16, Di Thompson 1:10:06, and 
last but by no means least, Gordon Mellor doggedly kept going and collared a time of 1:12:12.

If you’re hankering to take to the road and have a go at running, then get your trainers on and get down to Pocklington Rugby Club for around 6.15pm on a Wednesday night and look forward to meeting some of the friendliest runners in Yorkshire.