Star-studded foreword line adds to appeal of new Hull City book

phil ascough
phil ascough

Tough challenges, a few tricks and a star-studded foreword line all promise to make the latest book about Hull City a surprise package for the new football season.

Written by Cottingham-based author and journalist Phil Ascough, the book even has a title to capture the current controversy at the club: Never Mind The Tigers – The Ultimate Hull City Quiz Book.

The book is published by The History Press and is available from Monday September 2. It is the product of a passion for Hull City and a sign of the potential of social media – The History Press approached Phil via Twitter and the same vehicle will be used to target members of the Tigers Twitterati.

“A lot of people question the value of Twitter but without it I’m not sure how The History Press would have contacted me to get this project off the ground,” said Phil, whose previous books include Kissing The Badge about the Premier League and The Armchair Olympian about the Olympic Games, both published by Bloomsbury.

“It remains to be seen of course whether Twitter activity will translate into sales, but we’ve given ourselves every chance with two big-name signings for the foreword.”

BBC Radio Humberside’s Hull City commentator David Burns and former Hull City record signing and modern day summariser Peter Swan combined to bring their unique brand of banter to the foreword of the book.

Phil added: “Between them Burnsy and Swanny have more than 13,000 followers on Twitter and it’s a safe bet that most of those will be Hull City fans.

“But the reason we put the book together – and the reason Burnsy and Swanny came on board to write the foreword – is the quality of the content. It’s a mix of tough questions and tongue-in-cheek teasers, the serious and the slapstick, and anyone who has ever listened to Burnsy and Swanny commentating on a game will have a good idea of what to expect.

“The title is something of a bonus. When we started the project we couldn’t have imagined that the book would come out in the midst of a huge row about changing the name.

Another book in the series – and to some extent the template for this latest work – is Never Mind The Bluebirds. That’s all about Cardiff City, who have had their own issues about branding and identity in recent years, but any controversy is purely coincidental.

Phil said: “Never Mind The Tigers picks up on some of the on-field and off-field controversies over the years but there’s much more to it than that with sections on City’s tough guys, their all-time greats, their managers, their match venues and their place in the game of football.

“Above all it’s a bit of fun. Something to help pass the time on the way to and from – and maybe even during – an away cup tie at somewhere like Leyton Orient! And it’s the sort of book that, once read, will inspire people to make up their own daft questions!”

Never Mind The Tigers – The Ultimate Hull City Quiz Book is published by The History Press and available from September 2, price £6.99.