Predators struggle

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Pocklington Predators....0 Fulford............................2

What makes Pocklington Predators efficient and effective is a simple pass and move game which unlocks defences, brings goals and wins matches.

When this raison d’etre no longer resides within the team on a very cold and blustery Sunday afternoon, they struggle.

With a fluid passing game, Fulford would have, and should have, been despatched comfortably and the Predators should have taken advantage of one of their numerous games in hand over teams higher in the league – but this was an opportunity lost.

True, Predators had their chances, but fired wide and over in each half.

It could have been a 4-2 home victory had the chances been taken.

Fulford scored from both of theirs.

Manager, Joe Cooney has seen this all before and knows how to get a side back to their efficient best.

Predators will need to show a little more instinct before their two impeding cup semi-finals.