Walker keeps on jumping

Chelsea Walker
Chelsea Walker

Fourteen-year-old Chelsea Walker from Shiptonthorpe did really well at the English Schools Combined Championships at Exeter, coming seventh out of the whole of the UK.

This track season, Chelsea moves up to the Under-17 group. Being one of the youngsters in the group, Chelsea is still doing well.

At the Wakefield Spring Open meeting, Chelsea came first in the 300m hurdles and second in the 80m hurdles and was first in the 400m for her age group.

Chelsea was selected as a guest to run at Costello Stadium in the Hull international athletic meeting against Poland. It was Chelsea’s first 400m hurdle race and she came fourth with a time of 68.88, despite running against people four to eight years older than her.

On Saturday, Chelsea went to Grimsby and did the East Riding Schools Combined Trials. She did well in the high jump, without any training from last year, with a jump of 1.50m. She also got a personal best in the long jump and 80m hurdles, coming first overall against some good people.

On Sunday, Chelsea helped the junior league, in arctic conditions. Chelsea did the 400m hurdles, which was very hard going against wind and rain. She came home first and got a personal best. She also came first in the high jump, despite getting wet from head to toe.

Next time she ran, she did the 400m hurdles, yet again in wet and windy conditions. She got a new personal best, knocking two whole seconds off her time, and came second overall. She also had a go at 200m hurdles, for the first time in three years, and came first.

On 6 May, she took part in the Young Athletes League, gaining first place in the 80m hurdles and, for just the second time this year, she did the 300m hurdles, gaining another personal best and the English Schools time. She also came first, with a new personal best, in the high jump.

At the East Riding Schools tournament, she came first again in both the 80m hurdles and the 300m and gained further gold medals in the 80m hurdles and 300m hurdles in the Humberside Championship.

Chelsea would like to thank R Farrow and Sons for their new sponsorship. She would also like to thank Rosie for going out of her way to help, and Ruth for her help. Most of all, she would like to thank Paul Wilson, one of her coaches.