VIDEO: Matt Conner’s golf tips: Green reading

This green reading drill requires three balls and helps improve control when putting.

Using your dominant arm, start by rolling the first ball to the hole. Now look to see how the ball is moving across the green.

Snainton Golf Centre's pro' Matt Conner's golf tips

Snainton Golf Centre's pro' Matt Conner's golf tips

Think about this green reading technique every time you get to your putt.

Imagine rolling the ball towards the hole and this will build a picture in your head on where you are going to have to aim the putt.

With the second ball, progress the drill to work on judging distances better.

Hold the putter with only your dominant hand and try to recreate the same natural arm swing like you did when you rolled the ball.

This will help you create a natural smooth putting stroke.

With the third ball use the same feelings gained from the first two balls.

Look at the direction you need to aim and with a smooth stroke take your normal setup and putt the ball towards the hole.

This drill will help with green reading and natural distance control when putting.