Under-14s have a ripping time in Ripon

Ripon U14s...................10

Pocklington U14s.........29

Pocklington U14s struggled this week with numbers due to injuries and it being Mothering Sunday.

Nevertheless 15 turned up and took to the field at Mallorie Park, Ripon, knowing they had 50 minutes ahead of them and no substitutes. The mood was very upbeat and the players appeared keen to secure another win after last week’s success at home against Selby.

The squads gave 100% from the outset with tentative runs, good defence, numerous kicks and a handful of handling errors on the wet and muddy pitch, before Seb Bijster ran over for his first try of the match. Ripon responded with their own try at the opposite end of the pitch, using their forwards to carry the ball forward. Good tackling from Sam Stringer and Josh Bytheway on the right wing provided the next try for Harry Lamb-Kirk, the squad using the full width of the pitch and good ball handling skills to the joy of the visiting parents. At half time the score was 5–12 to Pocklington.

The second half kicked off with Ripon having made a few substitutions and, after a phase of determined pressure, they crossed the line for their second try, mirroring their action from the first half. Better rucking, ball retention and kicking to space was much improved from the Pocklington U14s than in past matches, leading up to a lineout halfway inside the Ripon half. A good catch and drive from Pocklington led to the try for Sam Pattison, playing fly half after he and Matt Childs swapped positions.

George Grosvenor used his tenacity to rip ball from the opponents’ grasp throughout the day and gained ground every time he had the ball in hand and help set up further tries - Bijster and Lamb-Kirk both running in second half tries from inside the Pocklington half. Lamb-Kirk was kicking the conversions and had a mixed day with the boot, landing two of his five attempts.

In summarising their performance, coach Chris Grosvenor praised players for their efforts on the day and for working as a team.