U8s adapt to conditions

Conditions for the Driffield Festival on Sunday 15 April were definitely mixed. During the course of a challenging morning, the 12 under-8 sides battled rain, sleet, hail and a biting cold wind, with intermittent sunshine finally breaking through for the final stages.

Pocklington U8s’ rugby was very similar – good in parts. A cold start saw them go down 5–4 to Sandal, and 3–2 to Harrogate, with tries from Callum Childs, Patrick Jessop, Johnny Raper and Will Grewer slightly eclipsed by the sometimes leaky defence. However, tries against dried up and the U8s’ attacking force blew hard to storm to 7–2 and 6–1 wins over Beverley and Bridlington, with more tries from Callum, Patrick, Johnny and Will.

With lines of running, support play and tagging looking brighter, a fine outcome to the morning was forecast. However, when are forecasters correct, and Hull Ionians soon had our plucky team of seven sheltering. Fighting against the eastern onslaught they battled back to a moderate 4–4 draw, with further tries from Callum, Patrick and Will. As well as the try scorers, the performances of Olly Grainger, Freddie Griggs and Henry Woodruff also shone through to warm those shivering on the touchline.