Trampolinists reach for the top

Kandy Lee
Kandy Lee

Kandy Sissons, head coach for Hull FC cheer dance and trampoline squad, and her husband Andrew Sissons, have been busy at work this year preparing many young school students for the first round of the Yorkshire Schools Trampoline Championships.

Many schools across the region have had the benefit of coaching from Kandy and her team of coaches, Pat Ellerker, Giselle Wright and Sarah Cooper, to help with the preparation for the competition. They are thrilled with the results; this goes to show that a link between club and school is a very positive pathway for students who enjoy taking part in competition for lots of different reasons, whether it be as a competitor, judge, recorder, warm-up marshal or supporter.

The club is based at Woldgate College in Pocklington and Sirius Academy in Hull, with their school representation for the first round of the competition including Woldgate College, Pocklington CJS, Pocklington School, St Martins CJS, Barmby Moore CJS, Stamford Bridge School, Bugthorpe School, All Saints RC School, Malet Lambert School Hull, Sirius Academy Hull.

They came away from the first round of the competition with some excellent results.

Jake Sissons, who took first place and highest score of the day, and George Hamby in second place, both represented Woldgate College and will both now represent the College in the zonal round in Ashington on 14 January in the under-15 boys elite category.

Rhianna Smith, Gabriella Cameron, Beth Gray and Megan Smales also represented Woldgate College in the under-13 girls elite category and they will also represent the College at the zonal round.

Grace Richardson, Emily Burn, Abbie Pickering and Giselle Wright performed some very nice routines but unfortunately did not make the next round as it is only the top three individuals and the top two teams that go through.

Georgia Iredale, representing Bugthorpe School, also qualified in first place with a fantastic routine and high tariff in the under-11 elite girls category, so Georgia will represent Bugthorpe School at the zonal round.

Elliott Wilson, who placed second representing Stamford Bridge School in the under-11 boys elite category with a very nice routine, will also go through to the next round.

James Hyde, representing St Martins CJS, qualified in first place with a brilliant routine in the under-11 novice category. This was the first competition for James since joining the Hull FC CDT Club three months ago. James was outstanding on the day and it will not be long before he will be catching his team-mates up in the elite categories.

Esme Littlewood qualified in third place, representing Pocklington School in the under-11 elite girls category. Esme will now also go to the zonal round.

Millie Goode, who performed one of the best set routines in her category - under-11 girls elite - will also represent Pocklington School, teaming up with other athletes from the school who also qualified in first place.

Conner Bailey who represented Sirius Academy placed third for the boys under-13 elite category and will also go through to the next round.

A massive well done to all the following girls who worked hard to represent their schools in the competition - Georgina Cooper and Abby Forrester representing Malet Lambert in Hull, Isobel Nicholson and Hannah Stubley representing Barmby Moor, A-J Mullarkey representing All Saints RC in York, Megan Lawlor, Sophie Potter, Leona Lewis, Jade Baines, Danielle Paige, Elisha Coult, Beth Dibnah, Sophie Beals, and Hannah Phillips who represented Sirius Academy. Many thanks also to Mr David Gordon who came to support all the team from Sirius Academy on the day.

Without the help of all the coaches and judges, welfare officers and volunteers the whole event would not have been such a success. Be part of a winning team by joining Hull FC cheer dance and trampoline squad next year. For further details on the club schedule visit or call Kandy Sissons on 07545 474671.