Tough start for Market Weighton

The newly-promoted Market Weighton Veterans Bowling Team started their 2014 season in Division A with an opening game away against Driffield Town’s A team.

It quickly became apparent that life in the top division of the league was likely be found more challenging than their previous season in the lower Division B.

In a game, played between two triples rinks, the Market Weighton rink skipped by D.Smith went into a substantial early lead that was maintained until the penultimate end when they fell behind by three shots.

Four shots for the visitors on the last end secured a one shot victory on Smith’s rink but the agregate match score, with an 8 shots deficit, saw them easily defeated as the second rink skipped by M.Dykes never saw them on level terms after the third end of their contest as they bowled their way to a 9 shot defeat.

The Market Weighton team will play their first home game of the season this week against the side from Walkington B.C.

Team captain Bob Bell said: “This fixture, too, is likely to be less than easy, but we knew that our 2013 promotion was likely to present us with much stiffer opposition.”