Sunshine for Sutton

After a quiet week for Sutton upon Derwent tennis club, with most fixtures cancelled due to the wet weather, the second mixed team played at home on Wednesday night in the sunshine against Appleton Roebuck.

It was an extremely close match with each round ending even and it was all to play for going in to the last round. Sadly Sutton ended the night with a narrow loss of 55-53.

Peggy Hodgson and Adrian Hitchenor were the top-scoring couple of the evening with 21 games. Anna Fell and Zak Los managed 18 and the Turner duo (Stuart and Olivia) brought up the rear with 14.

The first mixed team played away at David Lloyd on Tuesday night against a strong opposition. An enjoyable night of tennis was had by all, despite only one pair managing a victory in any of their rubbers (Dave Nowell and Catherine Postlethwaite).

The fourth team played against Stillington on Thursday and won by 70 to 38 games. Top scorers were Julia Medforth and George Hobson with 28 games, followed by Dave Nowell and Lynne Marriage.

The first ladies team also played on Saturday against Pocklington and lost 35-73. Lucy Collier and Rachel Mintoft won a respectable 18 games and newcomer Frankie Marsh made a good impression.

The ladies team were also due to play host to Fulford this weekend but, due to the rain-soaked grass courts, managed to swap the venue at the last minute and played on Fulford School courts. Despite a strong start by all three Sutton pairs, taking an overall lead by four games after the first rubber, the ladies ran out of steam in the final rubber and narrowly lost 56-52. Full credit to the Sutton pairs of Lucy Collier with Anna Fell, Romualda Plewes with Nicki Husband and Clare Field with Jane Pearson. Thanks to Fulford for accommodating Sutton upon Derwent at short notice, thereby enabling the match to go ahead.

The men’s first team had a good victory on home turf. Adrian Hitchenor and Chris Hobson led the way with 23 games with Chris Lochman and the talented Peter Wilson scoring 22, and the Ridley brothers a most commendable 17. The new scoring system meant that Sutton scored three points for the win and a further five and a half bonus points.

The next tournament is the popular open spoons, whereby non-members are most welcome. This will be part of the Sutton upon Derwent Jubilee celebrations. It will start at 4pm on Monday 4 June and afterwards there will be a barbecue on the green which is jointly organised by the village. They are also hoping that Sutton’s local opera singer may help with the evening’s entertainment prior to the official lighting of the beacon. This tournament is suitable for all levels of ability, so please do join in.