Second place for Pock Dolphins

Saturday 21 April saw Pocklington Dolphins take to the water in their second of four Ridings League Galas, this time at Whitby and, against a strong Scarborough Kingfishers and Ryedale team, the Dolphins were going to have to dig deep to get a good result in an unknown pool to a lot of the Dolphin swimmers.

But, as usual, these things didn’t seem to bother the somewhat fearless swimmers at this fantastic club.

With what looked like a strong squad on paper, the Dolphin swimmers arrived in a buoyant and confident mood, team selectors Alan Kendra and Sara Redmore putting together a squad ready for the challenge.

The first eight races of the evening, as usual, were the team medley relays. These events gave the Dolphins a steady start as they gained two first places, two second places, two third places and two fourth places.

The next 32 races were all down to the individuals and they didn’t let anyone down, accumulating a total of eight first places, seven second places, 13 third places, and only four fourth places and no disqualifications.

Things were very tight for second and third place between the hosts and the Dolphins. The final eight races, which were the team freestyle relays, would determine who finished where and, as long as the Dolphins finished ahead of their hosts in the majority of the races, they would finish in second place. They managed to do just that, gaining one first place, two second places, three third places and two fourth places.

The Dolphins just pipped their hosts to second place by three points but were way behind Scarborough who finished 31 points ahead, and Ryedale bringing up the rear.

Scarborough Kingfishers 152 pts, Pocklington Dolphins 121 pts, Whitby 118 pts, and Ryedale 83 pts.

There were a total of 35 PBs and they went to Alex Ashby, Brady Durkin (two), Matthew Foot (two), Matthew Redmore, Sam Clark (two), James Madeley, Peter Smith (two), Andrew Redmore, Philip Kendra (two), Sean Minto, Louis Cameron, Tom McCafferty, Claire Briggs, Olivia Smith (two), Ellie Barker (two), Katrina Stanton (two), Heather Briggs, Imogen Minto, Helena Walker (two), Isobel Sinclair (two), Libby Smales (two), Gemma Marshall, and Tilly Rennison (two).

The following Saturday, Pocklington Dolphins travelled to South Hunsley to compete in their second Pocklington Times League Gala of the season, in the longest pool that some of these swimmers have, or will, swim in at 33 and 1/3 metres each length.

This was going to be a very big test, for some more than others, and up against what usually is a strong opposition in Rossington and Knottingley, things were going to be interesting.

This was made even more so when some last minute changes had to be made due to the water level at the shallow end being too shallow. This required all swimmers in all age groups to start in the water on relay takeovers, and a change in the relay distances requiring all age groups to do just one length.

After everyone had got over the changes and delays it was down to business.

The first eight races were the team medley relays, and what a start the Dolphins had, with three first places, three second places and, unfortunately, two disqualifications, these coming mainly down to the takeovers at the shallow end that the older age group swimmers are not used to doing.

With the individual events next, the Dolphins seemed to be buzzing with confidence.

The next 32 races saw the Dolphins have some very good results, amassing nine first places, 12 second places, nine third places and only two fourth places. These performances put the Dolphins in a very comfortable position of second place overall going into the final eight races of the evening, which were the team freestyle relays. With two first places, five second places and one third place, the Dolphins cemented their second place finish.

South Hunsley 158 pts, Pocklington Dolphins 130 pts, Knottingley 92 pts and Rossington 65 pts.

A special mention must go the Boys 11 and under category, who won every single one of their team and individual races. Well done to James Wragg, Louis Sangwin, Marcus Walker,and Dan Barker, showing the older ones just how it is done.

There were only eight PBs, due to the size of the pool so they were all 100m times, and they went to James Madeley, Ben Smith, Sean Minto, Damien Stubley, Brady Durkin, Ashley Harrower, Abigail Huxtable and Abby Smith.

Thanks go to all those who helped on the nights.

Anyone wishing to join Pocklington Dolphins should contact their membership secretary Louise Durkin via email at or 07903 560220. They are looking, in particular, to recruit boys and girls between the ages of seven and nine, but please don’t be put off if you are older, as they are always on the lookout that special talent.