Pock U11s pull together

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Pocklington Under-11s v Ripon Under-11s

Blue sky and sunshine set the morning off to a great game of rugby.

Pocklington Under-11s were against Ripon, who seemed to be a well-organised and driven team.

The game was over four quarters; the first quarter started off with Ripon dominating and putting in an early try and conversion. Pock held their own and faced up to the challenge and committed themselves to it.

The first quarter soon went and we were into the second quarter where Ripon were very determined and were able to get three tries and conversions but it wasn’t without some great work from Pock’s forwards in the rucking and mauling and the backs having to commit to some great tackling.

In the third quarter, Pock picked up the pace and soon scored a great try, by Matthew Mann, which was converted by Rob Boddy. This seemed to get Ripon a bit flustered and Pock just kept pounding them; putting in some brilliant driving was Pock forward Edward Jibson, who had an outstanding game alongside Alex Todd.

Pock were destroying the scrums time after time, winning the ball again and again. Billy Ackerley had two superb runs for a try but they were both unsuccessful, much to Ackerley’s disappointment. But Jibson did score and it was his first try of the season.

Pock pulled together as a team and really proved that a good team effort can really work its magic. A very good game by both sides and a superb game to watch.

Pock’s man of the match went to Callum Macmanus for good effort.