Pock U11s are runners-up

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There were two groups for under-11s in the Driffield Rugby Festival and Pocklington were in group B against Scunthorpe, Harrogate and Selby.

The first game was Pock against Scunthorpe, and Pock’s first time against them this season. The game kicked off and both teams were into some great rucking and mauling. Pock’s forwards were once again dominating the scrums, winning the ball most of the time, and even though Scunthorpe were the first to get a try, it didn’t seem to bother Pock as they returned it with an excellent forward pack drive with Edward Jibson to score.

Both teams fought well throughout the game to end up with a 1–1 draw.

The second game for Pock was against Harrogate - a team they had played a few times before - and they were evenly-matched with some superb tackling and defensive work by both sides. The game flowed forwards and backwards for both sides. Pock’s backs did a sterling effort and turned Harrogate over to stop them from scoring. Then, with constant pressure, Pock moved forward for Jibby to score the only try of the game which resulted in a 1-0 win to Pock.

The third game was against Selby, a team they also had played before but to whom they had lost, so Pock were the underdogs right from the whistle. With Selby scoring two tries in the first half, Selby thought they had it in the bag, but then with Reece Dixon and Charlie Laudage scoring in the second half, the game had two minutes to go and both sides were putting in maximum effort. With a great clearance kick by Rob Boddy, the whistle blew and the game ended in a 2-2 draw. Pock had drawn with Selby on points but won the group by four tries to three, which led them into the cup final.

The cup final was Pock against York. Pock were prepared for a tough match and even though York had beaten Pock in the second round of the Yorkshire Cup earlier this season, Pock were not going down without a fight and, with plenty of support from the spectators and coaches, Pock went toe-to-toe and gave a superb game.

Even though York won 1-0, Pock did not disappoint. The whole team played 100 per cent throughout all their games and there were too many brilliant moments to mention.