Pock finish fourth with big win over Sheffield Hallam

Pocklington 6

Sheffield Hallam 0

Pocklington’s last game of the extended season took place at Queen Margaret’s School in York, a temporary home for Pock to host Sheffield Hallam.

The rain poured throughout and the cold morning proved challenging for both sides. Sitting in fifth place in the League, laying only a point behind Huddersfield, Pock were keen to secure a win against the young University team.

The game opened with chances for both teams, but with Pocklington taking the upper hand and controlling the passing around midfield. Sheffield came back strong with some tight possession and accurate hitting from a couple of stand-out defensive players.

However, Pocklington were determined to gain the lead and their attacking play paid off when Lisa Sellars crossed the ball to the penalty spot position where Justine Selvey lay in wait for a no-nonsense strike at goal. The lead was quickly followed up by Georgina Chapman who called for the ball from the top D and cleanly sent her strike to the backboard.

Sheffield came back fighting, but Pock held off a couple of penalty corners and backs Fran Rickatson and Rachel Heath, supported by fearless goalie Emma Karkeek, never lost cool under pressure, clearing the ball to the widths of the pitch.

The second half began with yet more heavy rain, but Pock’s confidence could not be dampened. They were keen to increase their overall goal tally into the 70s and were rewarded when Steph Jackson won a short corner when tackled by two defenders in the circle.

Louise Grainger used her well-honed hit to secure Pocklington’s third goal, straight through the Sheffield goalie’s pads; she didn’t stand a chance. Jo Ryan and Jan Anderson worked tirelessly in midfield to keep driving the ball in for the attack and Pock’s fourth goal came when Lisa took a pass from Jan straight up to the goal, passed back to Steph Jackson who wrong-footed the goalie and calmly tipped it into the right corner. Steph scored the fifth not long after, with a dribble past the defence and a strike on goal.

Sheffield continued to make attacking plays, but were confidently held off. The closest they came was with a brilliant strike which narrowly missed the backboard and deflected off the posts. Pock continued to battle through the freezing rain, taking a number of strikes and seemingly were unable to connect for the desperately desired sixth goal. That is until Lisa’s perseverence in her favourite goal-scoring position paid off and she deflected Louise’s second short corner strike into the back of the net.

The game had not been a walk in the park and Pocklington had to work hard throughout so were delighted with a convincing scoreline. The win, along with Huddersfield’s loss elsewhere in the league, ensured that Pocklington finished in fourth place, with 12 wins, two draws and six losses overall.