Motocross fanatic Jaygo (9) among country’s best riders

Jaygo Beasty airborne on his bike
Jaygo Beasty airborne on his bike

A nine-year-old boy from Market Weighton is one of the best motocross riders in the country after a string of national successes.

Jaygo Beasty first took up the sport when he was just four and has already achieved:

Jaygo Beasty

Jaygo Beasty

l 1st in a national moini-series

l 1st in his club championships (ranked the best club in the UK)

l 1st in two big national weekend events

l 3rd in a world championship weekend competition

l 5th in the British Championship

Jaygo’s dad Dominin explained: “In motocross, you can start competing from the age of six and been to watch a couple of races and said ‘Dad, can I have a go at that?’

“He started competing at two local clubs – White Rose and MX90.

“Right from being four years old, he seemed to have a natural talent – everyone seems to comment on it.”

Jaygo’s emergence as a real talent in the sport means some investment on the family’s part too – Dominic and his wife Tracey pooled their resources to buy him a new bike and allow him to compete nationally and abroad.

Jaygo, a pupil at Market Weighton Junior School, competes most weekends and gets in plenty of practice at home, as the family has moved to a farmhouse with a bit of small land which he uses as a track.

Jaygo is a sporty youngster who is also into gymnastics, running and kung fu.

His younger brother Austin (5) is also hoping to follow in his footsteps as a successful motocross rider.

Dom added: “If there are any companies that would like to help support or sponsor Jaygo in any way it would of course be very much appreciated.”

You can contact him on 07753 832799.