Gold for thrower

This weekend was the open meeting at Costello Athletics Club in Hull. Twelve year-old Ben Brumby, from Holme on Spalding Moor, was in action in the field events.

First up was the shot putt, where Ben had to throw a 4kg shot instead of the 3.25kg he was used to. Ben took a well-deserved second place, but also picked up a shoulder injury too.

He was due to do his javelin in around two hours’ time but didn’t know if he would be able to compete due to the pain in his shoulder. The first aiders set to work on Ben’s shoulder with ice packs to ease the pain and his coach told him to do extra warm-ups before the start and see what happens.

Ben, still in pain, decided to throw and went for gold with his first throw and got 30 metres 25cms and took first place to win gold.

He is now trying to get his injury mended for next week at Sheffield.