Goals galore for Pocklington Ladies

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Leeds Adel Carnegie............................................................1

Pocklington travelled to Adel in North Leeds on Saturday to play Leeds Carnegie fifths, who are currently laying 11th in the division.

Carnegie were yet to score this season and Pocklington were keen to increase their overall goal difference into double figures. However, the game began in controversy with Leeds lacking their regular goalkeeper so playing their first team, Premier division goalie instead. In addition to this, they also played two further higher team players, allowed by Yorkshire rules only if they had subbed during the previous game, not played the full match. Although playing within the rules, Pockington still felt that Leeds were bending them as far as they could to ensure their best possible chance.

The match therefore began with a competitive edge and an air of steely determination. Pock opened up the scoring with a well-deserved goal from Wendy Raynor who took her chance in front of the goalie quickly and with pace following an accurate, fast hit into the circle by Louise Grainger.

The second goal came when Steph Jackson struck the ball square across the face of the goal, meeting Lisa Sellars’ well-placed stick.

The Leeds goalie proved her form as first team choice with some superb saves and increasingly aggressive play. Unafraid to charge out from the back line on short corners, or to throw herself to the ground to stretch out across the goal, Pocklington realised they would have to alter their tactics in order to get around her. Steph Jackson scored when she managed to hack her way through to the goalie and reverse flick (at a low height) over her pads.

The subbed Leeds players upped their game and gave the defence a challenge with a few consecutive short corners to confidently defend. Rachel ‘Newt’ Heath took control at the back, leading fellow defenders Emma and Becky (both making good returns to the game) by calmly dodging the oncoming forwards and spreading the ball both left and right to open up the play.

Captain Jan Anderson and ‘Mrs Ryan’ both worked tirelessly, even when frustrated by a particularly fast (and young) left wing; Jo’s grit and improved confidence on the ball showed through with a number of impressive tackles and interceptions.

Leeds’ only goal came towards the end of the second half when a breakthrough from the centre forward resulted in a strike that goalie Mandy could not see for players in front of her.

However, Pock quickly picked themselves up and came back to score before the whistle when Wendy saved a ball tantalisingly close to touching the backline and, between her and Lisa, converted it to make the fourth goal.

The second half only lasted 15 minutes, in which time Lisa scored her second of the match. As aggressive play increased in the Leeds circle, the Pocklington forwards matched the goalie with determination and no fear of her physicality.

However, after a sliding tackle just in front of goal resulted in the goalie being painfully injured with a dislocated shoulder, the game was called to an early end. Pocklington wish the goalie a speedy recovery as she will no doubt be sorely missed in the Leeds Carnegie club.