Drag racing is back in Melbourne

York Raceway at Melbourne airfield is opening for its 36th season of drag racing.

In the past 35 years, the venue has played host to some one million spectators from all over Europe. The venue has catered for 10,000 participants, who have taken part in nationally-approved and regulated motor sport, on occasions travelling at speeds in excess of 200mph.

Two vehicles make a sprinting start away from traffic lights to a finish line a quarter of a mile away. The winner then goes on to race another competitor on a knockout system until they beat all others in their class. Spectators will see all types of vehicle from classic motorcycles to jet-powered specials.

The majority of the vehicles are highly-modified classic cars from the 1950s to the 1970s. Some of the vehicles from the past are valued at over £50,000 and are now capable of accelerating from a standstill to 150mph in 10 seconds in just 440 yards. Many of the cars (some of them road legal) are quicker than the Bugatti Veron Super Sport.

To mark the passing of the millionth spectator though the venue, and in order to show their immense gratitude, the motorsport enthusiasts gifted a pair of imposing carved historic gate posts to the Rowbottem family, who have owned the land for the past 40 years and have made them so welcome and given great support.

York Raceway is now established as the country’s third permanent drag strip.