Depleted Pock Under-13s put up a good fight

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Pocklington U13s...................7

Selby U13s...........................29

A very depleted squad turned out for Pocklington on Sunday; with resources so short that they had to borrow a player from the opposition to make up a team.

Despite this small squad, Pock gave it their all, but an early break from Selby and a fast runner put them on the score sheet first. This did not faze the Pock lads as they dug in and played some outstandingrugby. Matt Mann made some immense tackles which saved his team a number of times, and Cameron Cree played well with some great kicks up field. This top notch spell of rugby, ended with Will Husband releasing Reece Dixon who put the ball down under the sticks for Pock, with Olly Robinson converting.

Pocklington maintained the momentum, showing up well in the scrums and defending resolutely, but Selby were able to score twice more before the half time whistle.

After the break, the loaned player was swapped with the opposition and the sides were ready to go again. Pocklington showed plenty of skill, grit and determination, but Selby released another runner who made it to the corner to score.

Once again, Pocklington kept going, with forward Ed Jibson making good ground.

Gradually Selby won back the ball to return the pressure and, with no subs available, a tiring Pock side were unable to keep Selby at bay as they scored again.

Nevertheless, Pock kept plugging away to the final whistle, but they were unable to make a difference to the score sheet. Jibson’s all-round effort won him a deserved man of the match award.