Bouncing up like Zebedee

Pocklington’s mixed A tennis team played Driffield Rec this week on their excellent grass courts.

All three Pocklington couples won against an inspired but erratic third Driffield couple, but fell to the skilful and experienced first two couples.

Fiona Lambert/Chris Gunby and Jean Hunter/Andy Stockdale fared worst against the canny play of the grass experts, but Helen Whilesmith/Damian Galloway took one of their sets to a tie-break, which sadly they lost, resulting in an overall 3-6 loss.

The mixed B team played host to the mixed C team on a breezy night last Tuesday: a very local derby as both teams are in division two.

The matches were played in great good humour and a lot of banter proved a decent testing for both teams.

Couples for the B team were Jim Holding/Rachel Bloom winning all three, Huw Attwood/Lisa Eade winning all three, and making their first appearance this season for the B team and Ross Gleig and Loobie Kettlewell who also won all three.

Ross played like a coiled up Zebedee, bouncing up all over the court, according to Loobie. So, an overall win 9-0. Incidentally, each B team couple lost 13 games each, so 72 games to 39.

A lovely supper and a few beverages were then consumed in Judson’s.

The mixed D team’s opponents this week were Flamborough and all three Pocklington couples took immediate home advantage and got off to a winning start.

By the end of the second rubber, Pocklington were 5-1 up so were assured a victory and, in the final rubber, the good work continued to claim a resounding 8-1 victory. 

Well done to top couple, Tash Bloom and Paddy Dare, who took all three sets 8-1, 8-4 and 8-2 with some great shots from Tash, proudly watched by dad on the sideline. 

Di Flint and Gav Smith claimed three sets too, 8-5, 8-2 and 8-3 and Louise and Patrick Wilkinson completed the team effort winning two sets, 8-2 and 8-2 but missing out in the middle set 3-8. 

Next week’s fixture is away on the lush grass courts of Sledmere – a very different challenge.

Mixed E played at home v Beeford B. Pocklington managed a resounding win of 1-8 which was 26-69 in games. Louise Durkin/Nigel Bartram won two, Rosanne Dane/Mark Smith won three, as did Helen Marsden/Stuart Barnett.

The match was played in good spirit and the enjoyable evening was rounded off with a lovely supper at Judson’s.

Ladies A visited newly-promoted Nafferton to play on their grass courts – which made for some interesting, quirky, lawn tennis.

Both Ruth Hill/Emma Owen and Lisa Eade/Jean Hunter won all three sets comfortably, and Helen Whilesmith/Fiona Lambert won two easily, only losing the other to Nafferton’s first couple on a tie-break, giving Pocklington a good 8-1 win.

Ladies B also won their match 8-1, at home against Harpham A, but it was a real marathon, with four tie-breaks, (including two 10-12s), and an 8-6 win – showing just how close a match it was. Angela Bush/Tash Bloom won all three sets, with one tie-break.

Andrea Bland/Louise Wilkinson lost their tie break to the first couple then won the other two, with another on a long tie-break. 

Loobie Kettlewell/Rachel Bloom won all three, again one was a tie-break 10-12.

A good night’s tennis, no rain, friendly but competitive, and eventually a nice tea.

Ladies C played their second of the season away to Hornsea, entailing the first of many scheduled cross county treks this summer. 

How nice to play tennis on a sunny evening - unless you were the couple serving into dazzling sunlight. However, Pocklington had a convincing win 8-1, thanks to brilliant tennis by Di Flint/Kirsty Procter and Helen Fairey/Kate Megginson, who each won all their sets.

Unfortunately, Rosanne Dane/Helen Marsden, after two wins, decided that once victory was assured they could relax and step off the gas and consequently lost their third set.