Allerthorpe getting ready for new season

LAST minute preparations are being made at Allerthorpe Park Golf Club ahead of the new season which gets underway next week.

The club’s greenkeepers have been working hard over recent months to get the golf course in tip-top shape.

Due to the heavy snowfall and freezing cold temperatures this winter the greenkeepers have been unable to carry out all the work they had planned but most of it is now complete.

Head greenkeeper Rob Bradley said: “It’s been a push to get all this work doneA. We’ve been working flat out. There aren’t really enough hours in the day at the moment.

“We’ve had to miss a bit of work that we had planned due to the bad winter that we’ve had but hopefully now we’re catching up to somewhere we should have been. The work that didn’t get done this winter will get put over to next winter.”

To move the course to its next stage of development, heather and gorse have been planted around tee boxes and on some fairways and bunkers.

Several teeing areas have been improved such as hole 10 which has been raised and re-positioned and the competition tee on hole 14 has been resurfaced and levelled out to enhance the playability of the hole.

In addition, some bunkers have been modified slightly to improve their appearance.

Greenstaff have also reduced the density of the trees around the fairways and cut the rough to a low height to decrease the difficulty of the course.

The golf club have also been thinking about the environment while developing the course.

To increase biodiversity, their new sponsored tee signs have been made from plaswood, which is made from recycled plastic bags.

The heather and gorse planted on the course requires very little maintenance which will help reduce fuel consumption.

Mr Bradley said: “In such environmentally conscious times we would be irresponsible not to take such issues into account when making changes to the course. We are investigating other environmentally-friendly processes and options to ensure we’re doing all we can to do our bit.”