A trip to the palace

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Local athletes Hannah Stanton, representing Warter Primary schools, and Adam Ramsden, representing Pocklington Junior School, competed at the weekend in the finals of the British Schools biathlon event. The finals were held at the Crystal Palace Sports Centre.

Both athletes qualified from entries all over the British Isles. Ramsden qualified in the year five boys and Stanton in the year six girls. There were over 600 entries in the year six girls event from throughout the UK.

Ramsden went first in the 500 metre run on the world famous athletics track, recording a personal best of one minute 45 seconds. Stanton followed this with a personal best of one minute 42.14 seconds putting her in 50th place going into the swim.

After a short wait it was time to take to the water in the Olympic-sized swimming pool. Again Ramsden went first and produced an impressive time of 40.87 seconds for the 50 metre event. This gave him an overall position of 51st, which was a great effort given his 59th ranking going into the event.

Next it was Stanton’s turn to take to the water, which she did with a splash. Her time of 38.92 seconds was a little below her best but a good effort in a 50m pool and after the run. The swim brought her down to an overall ranking of 55, which was another good result given her entry ranking of 72.

Both athletes will be looking forward to the triathlon events later in the year where, coincidentally, both came sixth individually and were in the top team nationally last year with the introduction of the shoot discipline.