24-hour marathon

The tennis club at Bubwith has officially launched its 24-hour marathon, which will take place from 7pm on 1 June through to 7pm on Saturday 2 June.

Monies, for Sport Relief and the tennis club, are to be raised by players who have kindly offered to play in hourly slots throughout the whole 24-hour period.

Bubwith Tennis Club is running this activity in conjunction with many other Jubilee activities which will be running at the Bubwith Centre.

There will be no charge for use of the tennis courts by the general public, when available, on Saturday, 2 June. Playing tennis throughout the 24-hour period is open to everyone, not just tennis club members - members are welcome to play with family and friends, just pick up a sponsorship form from one of the committee members or from Lou Smith at The Jug and Bottle.

“Fundraising is so important for a small club such as ours - we have three top level courts to maintain” commented Shaun Pinchbeck, vice-chairman of the club.

For more information on Bubwith Tennis Club and the 24-hour marathon, please contact Shaun Pinchbeck on 01757 288541 or visit www.socialtennis/bubwith.