Pock Predators take no prisoners

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York Mitchell Sports League - Under-14s


Pocklington Predators7

Currently lying second in the league, the Predators took the first of their four games in hand to close the lead against the league leaders Brooklyn. This was an incontrovertible away win against Aviva, in which Pocklington achieved a healthy 7–0 victory.

The game opened with the Predators mounting the pressure on the home side from the outset, and the first of many shots on goal came from midfielder Huw Jones. The first successful attempt, however, began with Stuart Wright clearing the ball down the wing to Rob Cooney who provided a deep cross to Ben Potter to find the back of the net. The next came moments later as a through ball gave Rob all the opportunity he needed to slot home the Predators’ second.

Pocklington didn’t have it all their own way, but with the heavily guarded back line of Eric Hogan, Stuart Wright and Jamie Harvey, it meant that keeper Sam Flinton had little work to do.

After half time, inspiring play came from Harry Crusher on the right wing and Nathan Smith in midfield, both working hard to create the Predators’ next opportunities. With shots firing from all sides, it was a sublime cross by Harry that gave Oli Hughes his chance find the back of the net with a terrific header, completely out-placing the keeper. Harry again made his mark with yet another wonderful cross that managed to catch an Aviva player badly, resulting in an own goal.

Now 4–0 up, Pocklington continued their barrage on the Aviva goal, with both Huw Jones and Nathan Smith managing to find either the keeper or the crossbar, but after a tough save and a loose ball, it was Ben Potter who raised the scoreline yet again.

The remaining two goals came from Harry Crusher on the right wing, lofting the ball from left field over the keeper’s head, and finally from Rob Cooney, as he beat the keeper to settle the final score at 7–0 to Pocklington.