Pock Predators

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Pocklington Predators U13s 4

Rawcliffe U13s 0

Despite beating Rawcliffe at their last league meeting and both clubs finishing the league on the same points, Pocklington were bumped into second place on goal difference. So, Pocklington had a score to settle in this FA Cup final.

Held at the superb Tockwith football ground, both teams faced two opponents - each other and the strong, gusting wind.

Winning the toss, Rawcliffe elected to change ends, using the prevailing wind to their advantage for the first half.

With the wind at their backs, Rawcliffe created several opportunities to punch through the hardened Pocklington defence, but keeper Alex Varley was able to dispatch these with a couple of impressive saves.

Regardless of their attack, the Predators held most of the possession, keeping Rawcliffe at bay and maintaining the 0-0 scoreline through until the half-time whistle.

The new half soon exposed the dominant team and, with the Rawcliffe team withering, Pocklington defied the odds to mount their offensive.

The first chance came to Joe Aconley, whose shot from just outside the box was just saved.

Following this, a long ball put striker George Pilkington at full stretch and, despite managing to reach the ball, his shot stroked the crossbar.

Rob Cooney then fired a free-kick but, again, this overshot the goal.

Keeping the momentum going, it was only a matter of time before Pocklington were rewarded. t

The first came from a corner taken by Joe Aconley that curled perfectly into the box, allowing Jamie Harvey to sink his first of two for the match.

The second came from an unstoppable deep shot from Nathan Smith, playing in midfield. With the pace of a rocket, this shot was heading one way only, leaving the Rawcliffe keeper wondering what had just happened.

Heavily marked, Ryan Gaughan scored the next from just outside the box. Having received the ball, he turned and struck a powerful shot that found the top right corner of the net.

The final goal was a magnificent header by Jamie Harvey that came from a corner taken by captain Rob Cooney. Making sure he gained position over his marker at the near post, he confidently headed it into the top corner.

With the goals coming from players other than the Predators’ strikers in this match, it shows the depth and breadth of the Predators’ squad and highlights just how flexible the team is and how well they play together.

This is the first time that the FA Cup trophy has been brought to Pocklington in over 28 years and is a harbinger of what the 2011-2012 season will offer for the under 14s league.