Eagles defeated

York Mitchell Sports League Under-10s Div 1B

Pocklington Eagles Under-10s.........................................0

Poppleton Tigers Under-10s.............................................3

Pocklington Eagles were greeted with bright, dry conditions for their return to league action following a three-week break. The opposition was a strong Poppleton Tigers team who were well-organised and determined.

Pocklington made a strong early start with Tom Snowball setting a marker that he was going to control the defence, but Poppleton were finding their feet in midfield. Tom Alston, playing in defence, strongly intercepted a Poppleton attack and took the ball forward only to see his gain cut out by Poppleton. Again, Tom Snowball picked up a deep ball and took it down the wing but was unable to provide the required cross for the waiting attack of Jack Creaser and Will Ella. With Poppleton taking command of midfield, it needed a good save from James Gardner to keep the score even.

Slowly Pocklington were coming back into the game and Jack Creaser attempted a strong run down the left flank and Joel Tissiman pushed forward. Tom Alston again brought the ball out of defence and, with some neat passing, set Jack Creaser off down the right wing but Pocklington just kept running into a packed Poppleton defence. From a loose ball, Poppleton again attacked and Pocklington were lucky to see the ball fizz just outside the post. With more attacks it required strong defending from Elliot Driver to clear off the Pock line. More attacks saw Poppleton hit the post from long range, but still the score remained 0-0.

It was Pocklington’s turn to attack and a good cross from Tom Snowball should have been met with stronger attacking, but the Poppleton keeper swept up the loose ball. Pocklington were lacking midfield control but seemed determined to get back into the game. With more attacking from Jack Creaser and Will Ella, the pressure turned on Poppleton. Jack Creaser dribbled past two Poppleton defenders only to be fouled at the edge of the box. As a result of his injuries, Pocklington brought on Sam Hollands for Jack Creaser. From the resulting free kick the ball bobbled in the Poppleton area but was eventually cleared off the line. Keeping the pressure up, Elliot Driver had a shot zip just wide of the Poppleton goal. Just before half time, a mix up in defence left Poppleton a chance for goal which James Gardner was unfortunate to not keep out.

The second half continued in the same manner as the first, with Sam Hollands chasing in midfield but unable to take full control. Good passing between Elliot Driver and Joe Hollands, coming on for Joel Tissiman, came to nothing and soon Poppleton were 2-0 ahead from a good long-range shot.

With Poppleton growing in confidence, Pocklington found the going much harder, despite Will Ella’s determination and speed into the tackle. Another breakdown in the Pock defence saw Poppleton increase their lead to 3-0.

Pocklington continued to try and, in the last few minutes, Sam Hollands played a good through ball that resulted in a corner but Pocklington were unable to take advantage. Tom Alston, now playing in goal, needed to be brave to come out and stop a further Poppleton attack.

The game finished 3-0 to Poppleton, a disappointing result that shows Pocklington need to work harder to control games which they should be able to command.

Man of the match: Will Ella