Dolphins do well

At their two most recent galas Pocklington Dolphins came third at Driffield and fourth at Filey.

At Driffield the junior section took a number of first and second places.

Winners were: Jonathan Graham, Daniel Cleaver, Max Galley and Robert Owen (medley relay), Max Galley, Megan Briggs, Daniel Cleaver and Chloe Huffington (mixed freestyle relay), Chris Chadwick (freestyle), Jordan Martin (breaststroke), Jenny Sedcole (breaststroke), Luke Huffington (breaststroke), Max Galley, Robert Owen, Daniel Cleaver (freestyle relay), Rachael Lidster, Charlotte Thomson, Jenny Sedcole and Abigail Smith (freestyle relay) and Max Galley, Megan Briggs, Luke Huffington, Katie Quinn, Jake Galley and Jenny Sedcole (mixed canon).

Runners up were: George Walker, Luke Huffington, Alex Mawer and Chris Chadwick (medley relay), Max Galley (freestyle), Jenny Sedcole, Abigail Smith, Rachael Lidster and Charlotte Thomson (breaststroke relay), Alex Mawer (butterfly), Charlotte Thomson (freestyle), George Walker, Luke Huffington, Alex Mawer and Chris Chadwick (freestyle relay) and Daniel Cleaver, Robert Owen, Alex Mawer, Chris Chadwick, Michael Smith, Tom Chidlow, Chloe Huffington, Megan Briggs, Katie Quinn, Olivia Crompton, Rachael Lidster and Charlotte Thomson (all freestyle canon).

Claire Owen was the only winner at Filey in the backstroke but Jake Galley, Howard Arminson, Angus Clark and Alex Mawer (medley relay), George Gilbert, Andrew Pearce, Gareth Pearce and Chris Martin (medley and freestyle relay), Luke Huffington (breaststroke), George Gilbert (backstroke), Max Galley (breaststroke), Claire Owen (butterfly), and Gareth Pearce (butterfly) all came second in their races.

Over the two galas there were a number of Personal Bests gained by: Beth Edwards(3), Charlotte Palmer (2), Chloe Huffington (4), Jake Galley (2), Angus Clark (2), Amelia Howatt (2), Stuart Pearce (2), Rachael Lidster (4), Julia Laws, Andrew Pearce, Demi Lidster (3), Jonathan Graham (3), Helen Ashton, Luke Huffington (3), Abigail Smith (5), Miriam Beales, Max Galley (5), Claire Owen (3), Philip Kendra (2), George Gilbert, Charlotte Palmer, Katie Quinn (3), Edward Gilbert, Howard Arminson, Jordan Martin (3), Michael Smith (2), Charlotte Thomson (3), Gareth Pearce, Daniel Cleaver (2), Robert Owen, Alex Mawer (3), Chris Chadwick (2), Olivia Crompton (3), Rachel Curnow (2), Tom Chidlow (2), Megan Briggs (2), Jenny Sedcole (3) and George Walker (2).

The Pocklington Dolphins 40th Anniversary Celebration will be held on Saturday 6th August at the Francis Scaife Sports Centre and will include a fun swim, bar, disco and buffet. Tickets cost 5.00 for 14 and unders and 10.00 for adults. Please ask any of the Huxtables, Elaine Holmes or Alan Kendra for further details or ring 303792 for tickets.