Time to tackle the potholes blighting the region’s roads

Open letter to Councillor Kay West

With all due respect to you and your colleagues, and I do appreciate that the council is stretched at this time of year with the weather situation, but if roads were repaired to a better standard then this problem of potholes could be reduced.

The problem arises due to compacting tarmac into previously repaired defects year on year resulting in a poor-quality road surface which is susceptible to water ingress and repeated frost damage.

It costs more and more money every time, not only to council budgets but to motor vehicles which then results in compensation claims adding more expense.

It is incumbent on the government and local authorities to manage road repairs to a safe and cost effective way and would suggest that continued neglect of our road network will eventually render them unusable.

Damaged road surfaces need to be cut back to the substructure and repaired and sealed to a professional standard and where areas of damage are too large to effect a workable repair, then the whole road surface has to be replaced.

This is the only cost effective solution to the growing problems we are all facing,

I urge you to send a clear message to the government that further lack of investment on our county’s roads cannot be sustained and that the short-term patch-and-make-do attitude has to stop in the interests of road safety.

We need to bring our road network fit for the 21st century- we are already paying huge amounts of revenue to the exchequer in road tax and further fuel duty, you may say that your budgets are been reduced by the government but we all still have to pay our road tax.

It is time to show us where our money is being spent!

Steve Knott

Barmby Moor.