Strong case for a new care village

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Regarding the story Care Village Plans Refused in the Pocklington Post last week, there is a strong case for a care village to be built, be it on Feoffee Common Lane or elsewhere in the district.

Pocklington and district has a high percentage of senior citizens and I am sure many would welcome the opportunity to stay within the district in a quiet environment and not lose, or have to sell, their home when the time comes to move into a care home or care village.

The Government has recently announced a proposed scheme that would enable those needing care to keep their homes.

The plan is that local authorities would be given money to refurbish the vacated properties and rent them at a fair rate to young families.

The owners in care would receive most of the rent, enabling them to pay for their care without losing their property. This is sustainable.

Along with this, a care village allows a community to be formed; creates both skilled and unskilled jobs, as well as aiding the local economy in terms of services and provisions to the site.

The reasons for denying planning permission should be revisited and scrutinised.

Unsustainable appears one of the reasons for refusing planning permission.

We might ask what does this mean?

In the past, continuous planning permissions have been given for dense housing developments.

This has resulted in the environmental infrastructure (our lanes) being destroyed as a result of commuters.

Let us pray that the Feoffee Common Lane site does not get set aside for yet another dense housing development, instead of the proposed care village, because it does have reasonable access from the A1079.

S Duke, Pocklington.