Primrose was lost years ago

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Much has been written about Primrose Wood and the access to it from The Balk, but the real story has always been avoided.

Seventeen years ago there was no Broadmanor, no football club and no Strother Close, just a garden nursery with a small wooded area to the right.

No one walked through the wooded area, because no one wanted to, and no right of way existed.

Then came Broadmanor and a demand to walk dogs somewhere and also the demand for school kids to take a short cut to Woldgate.

The nursery went and Strother Close was born, along with the football club.

Primrose Wood’s demise began as it soon became ‘dog poo wood’ and still remains so today.

The football club, fed up with the abuse they were suffering, locked off their private gate into Primrose Wood to stamp out the dog fouling and damage they were suffering.

So the wooded area to the right of Strother Close was adopted by everyone and anyone who wanted to access the wood for whatever reason.

The council put up a fence and, as you say, angry walkers tore it down. I would call them vandals.

Toda,y Primrose Wood is only a patch on what it used to be, it’s a beauty spot which has not been shown the respect it deserves and all because of selfish human nature and the need to take a short cut and toileting dogs.

If Broadmanor had not been created, Primrose Wood would be a place of natural beauty, as it was 17 years ago.

A few weeks ago someone dragged the cricket club’s wooden seats into the wood and burned them, and only last week, as I walked by, a group of youths were pulling a tree to the floor.

As I approached, they ran off to the sanctuary of, yes, I have to say it, Broadmanor.

But maybe its me that’s lost touch with the world maybe they were just a group of angry walkers!

Steve Fletcher