Pocklington play scheme

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In my letter published in the Pocklington Post on 20 January, I challenged the Mayor, Coun Martin Cooper, to explain why the proposed play scheme on Broadmanor had suddenly become ‘much needed’ and also other councillors regarding the obfuscations surrounding the financial structure and cost of the scheme, and obscure plans purportedly justifying the scheme.

Unfortunately I have been rather disappointed that none of our local councillors have had the courtesy to respond - but it has now become apparent that they have not been letting the grass grow under their feet, for even then they had already discretely applied for planning permission. This, in itself, only became apparent when a local resident stopped to read a solitary notice posted on a lamp post two weeks into the planning process.

Sound reasons and objections from concerned residents appear to have fallen on deaf ears, with negligible official support. It is almost as if a blinkered agenda is driving the procurement of this scheme.

Who pays at the end of the day, and from whose pocket is this expensive provision?

One thing is certain, though. Very shortly the East Riding authority will be pleading poverty as massive cuts are applied to many essential services.

But we can all take some solace that, at least in Pocklington, expensive non-essential provision takes precedence and ascendancy. Makes one think, doesn’t it?

Roger J Wilson,

Broadmanor, Pocklington