Not enough police for Driffield

After reading the report in the paper about Driffield police station maybe cutting opening hours it makes you wonder what Humberside police are thinking about.

At the present time, the local police can’t manage to police the Driffield town as it is, never mind the surrounding district.

If you phone the out of hours number you may get an answer in about 10 minutes if you are lucky.

The one thing this editorial sends out is to all the burglars in the county is come and break into the houses etc in Driffield - there are no police about you won’t get caught.

You maybe unlucky and get caught in a speed trap upon leaving because all the police seem to be able to catch is the motorist.

In the Driffield Times & Post how many times do we see damage to cars and property the police are asking for witnesses we never seem to see any-one being caught.

If you go out on an evening what are the chances of seeing a policeman on the beat? Well you have more chance of winning the lottery.

Also in the paper there is an advert for a firm wanting to build 315 new houses. Great - how are the police going to take on more residential property to look after when it can’t look after what we have already.

I don’t blame the Policemen themselves - its the pen pushers who would be better off getting out and doing a bit of policing for a change and helping the local police.

Never mind if our Police is cut, surely we will get a reduction in our council tax because we wont be getting the service but somehow I doubt it.

R Herbert