Long term jobs needed to help stimulate growth

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Graham Stuart must live in some parallel universe if he believes that promoting the odd jobs fair here and there will get him off the hook, after all it is his Government that has no credible plan for growth or any proper ideas for boosting the economy - does he not realise that what is needed are proper jobs that pay a decent living wage not part-time, low skill, dead end, minimum wage jobs that his jobs fair will be offering?

When people feel secure and not under threat of losing their jobs and have a bit of spare cash in their pockets to actually buy things, then and only then will this country start to emerge from recession.

It’s time Mr Stuart understood that we need proper industry in our area to create the long-term decent jobs that people need to have a decent life and it’s about time he came up with some real and imaginative ideas for boosting the prospects of our local community and stopped relying on publicity stunts and gimmicks to get his views across.

Alan Ablett