Letter: Will there be any affordable homes?

The recent meeting of the West Wolds Branch of the Labour Party was made aware of the planned development of 340 new houses by Bellway Homes at Yapham Road, Pocklington, and their consultation process, which due to be finalised on December 7.

The developers are holding an exhibition at All Saints Church between 3.30pm and 7.30pm on November 30.

The Branch welcomes the building of much needed new homes, but has two reservations.

Firstly, the Government’s Housing Bill currently going through Parliament is proposing to remove the long standing requirement on developers to provide a proportion of affordable homes in each new development and is also allowing lower quality houses to be built.

Given the urgent need for affordable homes and the rising waiting lists for social housing in the Pocklington area, we are concerned to know how many good quality affordable homes Bellway Homes are proposing to build to meet the needs of local people.

Secondly, we share the concerns of many people in the area that insufficient account is being taken of the effects of the welcome building of new homes on the Education and Health services, Transport and car parking in Pocklington; evidence of appropriate new investment in the town is needed.

Fiona Bruce

Chairwoman ,

West Wolds Branch of

Labour Party