Letter: Who will really benefit from A1079 changes?

As a Wilberfoss resident who also works on the Pocklington Industrial Estate, I am pleased that the A1079 dualling has delayed.

I complete this journey every morning at rush hour and every evening at rush hour traveling at the 50mph speed limit without any problems or safety issues.

I wrote to Sir Greg Knight to invite him to join me on my daily commute so that this avid supporter of this scheme could clarify why a one mile stretch of dual carriageway was needed between Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss? Needless to say I never received a response.

I must admit that I am struggling to see what dualling this one mile will do for anyone using this road.

From my opinion, based in Wilberfoss, it will just make the traffic get to our village a bit faster, for them to then queue at Kexby all the way through to Dunnington and onto the Grimston Bar roundabout. It just doesn’t make sense!

I’m all for improving this road but the starting point has got to be improving the Grimston Bar roundabout first to improve traffic flow through the many set of traffic lights. Then they can then look at the safety of the many junctions that come out onto the A1079 such as the road from Newton Upon Derwent where many residents have to cross the A1079 twice a day to get their kids to the school in Wilberfoss and back home.

This all seems to have been overlooked. Am I the only one that can foresee that this one mile stretch would become a kind of Wacky Races for the Dastardly and Muttley’s of this world to gain that extra one place on the road?

How about putting the £8m towards a brand new leisure complex in Pocklington?

With the housing development happening in the area, the population is no doubt about to increase considerably and instead of potentially saving a couple of minutes of commuters’ time, we could provide a leisure centre that all the families of Pocklington and surrounding villages can be proud of (no offence to Francis Scaife).

As a community we now appear to have everything in the region to make us all obese with fast food outlets and drive thru’s popping up everywhere, and a brand new doctor’s facility to tell us all we are obese, so a brand new swimming pool along with the associated sports facilities would fit in perfectly!

Neil Doherty